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A cruise vacation is something you will never forget! You'll find amazing things to do on the ship, amazing foods to choose from, nightlife, comedy and plenty of places to kick back and do... well, nothing, if you want to. All on the way to a different port every day. Welcome to a fun-filled vacation on the ocean blue.

What's Included In The Price Of A Cruise?

Your accommodations, entertainment, meals and transportation to picturesque destinations all conveniently included in the price of your cruise. In fact, cruises are ranked as one of the top vacation experiences because they provide travelers with the very best value for their vacation dollar. With pools, around the clock entertainment and live shows, spa and fitness centers, gift shops, and more bars and restaurants than you can count; there's always something to keep you busy on your cruise.


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Island Routes has put together a series of outdoor adventure tours that we like to call "the best of the best" – experiences that allow you to explore the wonders, feel the thrills, and surrender completely to the unparalleled grandeur of the Caribbean! We guarantee that each and every one of our adventure packages will show you the "roots" of the Caribbean. So, come on down and experience the exhilarating, romantic, and adrenaline-pumping variety of Caribbean Island excursions we offer amid these breathtaking island wonderlands!