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Globus Escorted Vacations

If you could choose to travel anywhere in

the world, where would it be? Would you

 travel to Italy? Tour Europe? Or maybe,

 take a New England vacation in the fall?

Just as the world is wonderfully diverse, so

too are the ways you can experience it 

with Globus. Choose a destination or

vacation description for more information

Monograms Independent Travel

Now your vacation can be exactly what you want it

to be, fun!—without all the planning and logistics

hassles. With Monograms, we handle all the details, 

so you can feel comfortable and confident in your destination—even if it's your first time there.

We know that your vacation is just that—your 

vacation. With that in mind, we help you truly 

personalize your getaway. With an outstanding 

collection of activities and excursions in each 

destination, Monograms gives you more choices, 

and that means your vacation will be exactly what 

you want it to be! Most Monograms vacations 

include sightseeing and orientation in each city, so 

you don't miss the must-see sights. Monograms lets 

you personalize your vacation by adding your own 

set of activities and excursions throughout your 


Faith Based Vacations

On a Globus Religious Travel vacation, 

you'll explore the roots of your faith, walk 

in the footsteps of your spiritual leaders, 

and have your most cherished beliefs come 

to life. Our tours have been honed by more 

than eight decades of experience and a 

passion for religious travel. And thanks to 

our 98% customer satisfaction rating, 

you'll return home inspired and ready to

travel again.

Family Travel

A family vacation with Globus means the 

sweet flavors of Hershey’s chocolate melting 

on your tongue. It means the rush of mighty 

sled dogs across Alaska snow. And it means 

diving into Europe, from tasting the rainbow 

varieties of Florentine gelato and tangy 

sauce of fresh pizza to flying above England 

in the famous London Eye and making your 

own colorful masks for Venetian Carnival.

With Globus you’ve come to expect 

more: more destinations, more

inclusions, more convenience, and 

more experience showing you the 


Cosmos Budget Travel Vacations

With the money you save from booking a Cosmos vacation, you'll have plenty left over to spend on the trip - from theater tickets to 

spontaneous adventures. For more than 45 years, Cosmos has created exceptionally affordable travel packages for the savvy, value-

minded traveler. And with the nearly 90 journeys throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, there are so many opportunities

for you to explore the world independently - all at an unbeatable price.